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2001 Facility Studies
The following Generator Interconnection Studies have been requested.

Study Number Date Requested Purpose of Study Remarks Report
GEN-2001-028 August 07, 2001 Request to interconnect 520MW on the KCPL transmission system Facility Study Completed November 2002 Download
GEN-2001-033 September 17, 2001 Request to interconnect up to 180 MW on the SWPS system Facility Study completed March 28,2003 Download
GEN-2001-036 October 05, 2001 Request to interconnect 80MW on the SPS transmission system Facilities Study completed December 2003  
GEN-2001-036 October 15, 2001 Request to interconnect up to 80MW on the SWPS system Facility Study completed December 2003 Download
Gen-2001-039A October 30, 2001 Request to interconnect 150 MW on the WPEK System Facililty Study Completed November 2005 Download

Please send your requests to GIStudies@spp.org

If you have any questions, please submit a ticket on RMS.